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We are thrilled you have landed on our mobile marketing page, we are bringing you more mobile services that will save you time and money such as: mobile website design, Facebook mobile pages, and website mobile responsive templates.
We will soon release that full range of mobile related products and services.

Our first service is the “dynamic QR codes” almost everyone is using the QR codes these days and they are a GREAT mobile marketing tool, a must use for any small business or a large one

QR codes

Dynamic QRs signup code

The Problem:

QR codes are an excellent invention, BUT they have a serious limitation: They are static!

Once you get a code you can not change what it does. This means that you are “stuck with it like a bad penny” After that code has already been printed on tons of your marketing and advertising material :
your cards, roll-ups, posters, stickers …. and has been promoted everywhere, that is certainly a waste of your money and effort!

What if you want to promote a new product? Or if you had changed your Facebook page?  What if you want to send mobile users to a different link?

But what if you can recycle the same printed QR code and get it to go to a different link? Can you have the old or the same QR reprogrammed?

THE Dynamic QR codes

The Solution

The answer is:  Dynamic QR codes  

  • Get the QR code once and change its website URL as it suits you (point it to your new offer, to a different product, to your Facebook page or a webform etc… )
  • You no longer need to throw away your printed cards and posters or change your branding because of an old QR code, now you can reuse that printed code and change where it points to.
  • Change the QR code link \ URL anytime you like.

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Beyound SE Optimization

Is SEO a useful practice or a waste of money?

There is a very common misconception that website optimization equals search engine optimization (SEO) The truth of the matter is that SEO is an important component but it is also one of the most expensive components towards proper optimization and it can dent your budget big time without any measurable return on investment, or real business improvement.

SEO’s main role is not to get you a high ranking or put your site on the first page of Google just for the sake of such great achievement (Something that most SEO vendors believe to be their ultimate mission!) SEO’s number one job is to get you traffic! i.e. more people visiting your site.

It is great to have many people visiting your site day in and day out and it is even better to see this number of visitors increase over the time, because no one has any chance to succeed online without high traffic of qualified visitors.

But have you really asked yourself the BIG question? “Why do I want people to visit my site?” or the basic but inevitable question of: “what is the purpose of my website?”

The vast majority of businesses and entrepreneurs pay for SEO services without getting much return on their investment or seeing any core benefits or profits to brag about not because they did not get the promised traffic (which some actually don’t) , but it is mainly because they were not ready fo it!

Allow me to explain; Would you invite many friends and work mates over to your house for dinner, while the house is not organized, you do not have anyone to serve them and you do not have food available ? Do you like to be caught off-guard?If your answer is NO, then STOP doing this online too.

Sending massive traffic to a website that is not ready to receive such traffic and deal with it properly is like allowing visitors to come to your house while you are still in boxer shorts and half asleep! And I am not talking about the technical or server power or the aesthetics of the website, look at your “bounce rate” to get an idea of what I am trying to say.What is the business use of having 5000 people visit your site every day and spend less than 20 seconds on it before moving on and never coming back? Everyone loses and the only one who profits here would be your SEO agency.

Let’s think of it this way:

  1. There are around 660 million websites in the world, NO ONE really cares about yours or mine!
  2. Your website is an investment, you need to get a return on that investment.
  3. Your website should generate money for your business either directly (selling products and services online) , or indirectly (giving qualified leads that will be converted offline)
  4. The only other job of your website apart from generating money or leads, is to provide your customers, prospect customers with excellent customer service, or with engaging useful and fresh content
  5. People come to the site looking for something (to solve a problem, to get useful information, to gain something, to communicate and be heard etc…)

5 steps you need to take:

Make sure that the house is clean and dinner is cooked and ready to be served before inviting people 🙂 So before engaging in SEO and link building:

  1. Never send people to an unfinished site or a partial one
  2. Spend more time on the content then the look and feel, insure frequent updates and avoid boring content (such as the chairman’s message or the mission statement that even your own employees will not read!)
  3. Make sure the website is engaging and has a clear purpose
  4. Make it easy for the site visitors to contact you
  5. Have at least one clear “call to action” above the fold (i.e. in the main area of the home page before scrolling down)

And finally get an expert website review, so that you get a report on the current situation and the road map to get this BUSINESS site optimized and ready rock! This is an essential and inexpensive step (compared to the cost of SEO) that would eventually save you a lot of effort, money and disappointment.
Good luck with your online optimization.

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Free Website review service


  • Why spend on “pay-per-click” and short-term SEO campaigns, when you can have a better ranking organically and dominate your niche ?
  • Have you been there before ? Is your website a cost center?
  • The fact is that only a small percentage of websites work to generate money;
    The rest of the sites are either just looking nice and dazzling with no real use , or even worse they look bad and REALLY do not perform.
  • There are many common mistakes and avoiding or correcting them will enhance the site’s workability and usability with just a small effort.
  • We are ready to share some tips with you and not only give you useful information but explain it and help you take it further, step-by-step.
  • This FREE assessment report offered by ViaWeb would be an excellent starting point.
Do you want to learn:
Right Arrow If your website is optimized for mobile devices and
tablets like Androids & Ipads?
Right Arrow About your business’s social media presence (or the
lack of it) ?
Right Arrow About quick improvements that you can do in to improve
the site’s and the business’s online presence …
and much more ?
Right Arrow Request a FREE professional review of your website here below:

The quality is always well structured and this is always well structured and we assure to give the commendable and the best quality writing an essay services and the time. Excellent quality: We have highly experienced professionals who give the time. Excellent quality: We have highly . Guidessay The content written is never compromised by us. The quality writing an essay services and balanced and balanced and we assure to give the commendable and satisfactory content written is never compromised by us. The content written is the best quality is never compromised by us. The content .

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EasyWeb Builder

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ViaWeb Service Expansion KIT

This is our unique Flagship product, that will e-enable your service channel and e-levate your customers’ experience!

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  • It is designed to add an e-Xtension to your existing customer service and quickly e-xpand your service & support capabilities.
  • Gone the days when this had to be a complex IT / Technical project that needed a full-time IT team in order to implement and maintain it.
  • Our service is an end-to-end service that would include (but not limited to: installation, online process development, Online Service tickets process:
    tickets stages: Open, Closed, on hold, reopened etc…, problem or issue /request escalation process, follow-up process , resolution process, defining priority, reporting / performance management, skill-set, setting the knowledge base, the answers, canned answers, coaching and training for staff – setting the customer’s process and interface – linking with e-mails and auto replies. )


Why add an Internet-based service & support channel?

The question should be: “why NOT?” this online service channel would not only save you time and money but it will also have additional benefits:
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  • Your customers will love you for it!
  • You will gain a competitive edge by delivering a much better customer experience.
  • It will add equity to your brand because every interaction with your business is your  opportunity to create a loyal customer.
  • It will portray your company as a company that cares more about its customers.
  • Your business will look much more like the big players in your industry.
  • Online customer service is more efficient and much faster and cheaper than other service channels like the call center or face-to-face customer service, it can replace or complement them by integration for an even more superior service for your customers.


How It works

In order to have an efficient and high-quality customer service, you need to to manage and align all 3 angles of “service success”

service triangle

The order of the above 3 elements differs from one organization to another, but you need to be good at all three and properly align them, if you are really serious about delivering good customer service.

ViaWeb’s Service Expansion KIT has 3 components

The full kit provides the full service expansion and a better service experience for your customers, but you have the liberty of getting only one component, the full kit, or even mix and match any two of them as you wish and in any order you like.

1.The Online Service Desk Tool

This is not the complicated IT or the too much technical issue that it used to be in the past. We can install a fully functional instance for you only in a few days.

You have the choice to:

  1. Have it installed as an extension of your existing website or on a new dedicated website (you pay the software license fees only)
  2. Have it hosted and managed online or on cloud hosting (where you will pay either a monthly hosting fee or pay-per-service agent, depending on the plan that you choose)

Each method has its pros and cons, and we will be more than happy to discuss them further with you.

2.The “service process” consultancy

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  • This is our “customer service consultancy package” and it is where our uniqueness and experience will play a vital role and serve you better,
    Our service delivery consultants have done this so many times for private and public sector organizations and for small, medium and large service departments ranging from 1 single customer service officer / agent to 400 service personnel. (This can be part of the online service expansion kit , or bought separately for offline face-to-face / call center / contact center customer services)
  • The online Helpdesk / Support or CRM tools alone will never give you or your customers the full benefit unless the service process is clearly defined tweaked or re-engineered and fully understood throughout the service supply chain.
  • Some new business habits also need to be created and practiced (don’t worry, we do not mean turning your business upside down; we mean habits like: answering customers’ inquiries within a reasonable and agreed-upon time frame / SLA , or having certain escalation, alerts and quality checks in place etc…)
  • This part is where you can excel to develop an unrivaled service that will give you a real edge over any competitor and increase your customers’ loyalty-adding to your bottom-line, but this also the most common reason for customer complaints! Get it right and you will outperform and eclipse your competition or ….. (you don’t want to got there ….)
  • As the saying goes: the “Devil is always in the details” we don’t want devils, daemons or unnecessary surprises in your service and we aim to provide you with an exemplary service model that can easily serve your customers.


3.The Service Training and Coaching Program

  • This is the final component of ViaWeb’s Service Expansion KIT, it is a quick “mainly e-learning” training and coaching program – (Face-to-face classroom programs can also be arranged separately)
  • This program aims to ensure that your service personnel are ready to provide excellent and  speedy customer service and that they will competently use the defined service levels, and are fully aware of the new systems/ tools, how to use them as well as the changes or updates in their day-to-day processes such as: escalation and resolution etc…. in order to meet every customer’s need and expectation.

For more information, to get a consultation call please fill the below form and submit it to us:

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EasyWeb Builder


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Free SiteAssessment


Is your website optimized for mobile devices and tablets like Androids & Ipads ??

What about your business’s social media presence (or the lack of it) ??

We will highlight the quick improvements that you can do in to improve the site’s and the business’s online presence … and much more …

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ViaWeb! The Internet Consultants


In this day and age, no one can not afford to ignore the Internet as one of the main Business channels, and probably the most important one too.
The Internet keeps changing the way we do business and how we interact, share, learn, and how we get things done. It significantly affects many of our daily activities especially sales, marketing, and customer service.

As the web evolves from web 2.0 to web 3.0, the technology and tools become more user-friendly and accessible enabling small businesses to compete and benefit from their online presence at a very reasonable and sustainable cost that also provides excellent return on investment.

Being a small business ourselves, we fully understand this environment and its challenges as well as the necessity to increase the brand equity, elevate customer service and enhance loyalty to encourage repeat custom. The web is the perfect medium to realize that, whether you have an online or an offline “brick and mortar” small business enterprise. Continue reading