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We are thrilled you have landed on our mobile marketing page, we are bringing you more mobile services that will save you time and money such as: mobile website design, Facebook mobile pages, and website mobile responsive templates.
We will soon release that full range of mobile related products and services.

Our first service is the “dynamic QR codes” almost everyone is using the QR codes these days and they are a GREAT mobile marketing tool, a must use for any small business or a large one

QR codes

Dynamic QRs signup code

The Problem:

QR codes are an excellent invention, BUT they have a serious limitation: They are static!

Once you get a code you can not change what it does. This means that you are “stuck with it like a bad penny” After that code has already been printed on tons of your marketing and advertising material :
your cards, roll-ups, posters, stickers …. and has been promoted everywhere, that is certainly a waste of your money and effort!

What if you want to promote a new product? Or if you had changed your Facebook page?  What if you want to send mobile users to a different link?

But what if you can recycle the same printed QR code and get it to go to a different link? Can you have the old or the same QR reprogrammed?

THE Dynamic QR codes

The Solution

The answer is:  Dynamic QR codes  

  • Get the QR code once and change its website URL as it suits you (point it to your new offer, to a different product, to your Facebook page or a webform etc… )
  • You no longer need to throw away your printed cards and posters or change your branding because of an old QR code, now you can reuse that printed code and change where it points to.
  • Change the QR code link \ URL anytime you like.

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  • Why spend on “pay-per-click” and short-term SEO campaigns, when you can have a better ranking organically and dominate your niche ?
  • Have you been there before ? Is your website a cost center?
  • The fact is that only a small percentage of websites work to generate money;
    The rest of the sites are either just looking nice and dazzling with no real use , or even worse they look bad and REALLY do not perform.
  • There are many common mistakes and avoiding or correcting them will enhance the site’s workability and usability with just a small effort.
  • We are ready to share some tips with you and not only give you useful information but explain it and help you take it further, step-by-step.
  • This FREE assessment report offered by ViaWeb would be an excellent starting point.
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ViaWeb! The Internet Consultants


In this day and age, no one can not afford to ignore the Internet as one of the main Business channels, and probably the most important one too.
The Internet keeps changing the way we do business and how we interact, share, learn, and how we get things done. It significantly affects many of our daily activities especially sales, marketing, and customer service.

As the web evolves from web 2.0 to web 3.0, the technology and tools become more user-friendly and accessible enabling small businesses to compete and benefit from their online presence at a very reasonable and sustainable cost that also provides excellent return on investment.

Being a small business ourselves, we fully understand this environment and its challenges as well as the necessity to increase the brand equity, elevate customer service and enhance loyalty to encourage repeat custom. The web is the perfect medium to realize that, whether you have an online or an offline “brick and mortar” small business enterprise. Continue reading